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Happy Christmas from Eumom

Happy Christmas to everyone!!!!

Hoping this Christmas brings you and your family much joy, laughter, love and happiness.

Best wishes from the Eumom Team

The Top 7 Christmas Pregnancy Survival Tips

For Early Pregnancy or if you’re still experiencing nausea or morning sickness… Christmas dinner may turn your stomach! Stick to small portions – and some fresh air will help – don’t stay indoors around all the cooking smells. Similarly in Later Pregnancy, where heartburn may be a problem, avoid big meals, rich, fatty foods, spicy dishes, chocolate and citrus fruit. Try to avoid smokers (assuming you’re not smoking yourself; and if you are – stop!). (more…)

The A-Z of Christmas for children contd.

Here are activities N – Z… Enjoy!

N is for Not for the faint hearted. Funderland has even more heart-stopping rides. The funfair is back at Dublin’s RDS for its 34th year, running from St Stephen’s Day until January 10 and this year boasts Shockwave — the fourth largest travelling rollercoaster in the world.


The A-Z of Christmas for children

The Independent released an article containing an A – Z list of activities for children at Christmas.

Here are activities A – M the rest are to follow…

A is for an Animal adventure. Learn more about the animals that hide or fly away during the Christmas months at Dublin Zoo’s winter workshop on January 4 and 5. (more…)

Ikea recalls children’s high chair

Furniture giant Ikea today confirmed it was recalling a children’s high chair following safety concerns.

Ikea's Leopard High ChairThe recall comes after reports that locks securing the seat to the frame of the “Leopard” children’s high chair may break, which could result in children dropping through the frame.

One child suffered bruised legs after falling through the chair.

There are also concerns that children could choke on the detached snap locks.

The company is calling for customers with the chairs to stop using them immediately and return the seat and frame to Ikea where they will receive a full refund.

A spokesman for the Swedish retailer said: “Ikea has received 11 reports of broken snap locks, including one incident where the seat with child dropped through the frame. The child suffered bruised legs.

“In a second incident a detached snap lock was found in a child’s mouth but was removed before choking occurred. No further incidents or injuries have been reported.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”


Jack & Katie Most Popular Baby Names in 2009

An article released by the Irish Times earlier today, revealed that Jack and Katie were the most popular babies’ names in Northern Ireland this year.

With former model Katie Price maintaining a high public profile, Katie has been the most common girl’s name since 2004. Government agent Jack Bauer is the main character in US television series 24, which has a massive audience here.

Jack has been the most popular boys’ name since 2003, followed by Matthew, Daniel and James.

Sophie and Grace were among the most common girls’ names.

There were around 340 baby boys named Jack and around 240 baby girls named Katie registered in 2009.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency published details today.

A spokesman said: “Over the last decade, parents have become more diverse in the first names they have given to their babies.

“In 2009, there were approximately 2,000 girls’ and 1,400 boys’ names used; compared with 1,500 girls’ and 1,000 boys’ names in 2001.”

First names like Jack and Katie are popular for new mothers across all age groups.

However more modern names such as Dylan and Brooke are increasingly popular amongst younger mothers. More traditional names like Oliver and Sarah are more popular with older mothers.


38/40 – Moved!

If any of you thought my silence over the past few weeks was related to the arrival of a child, sorry to disappoint. I’m hanging in there – my wish for an early end to this pregnancy becoming more fervent as the days tick by. But I am pleased to report that we are finally in our new home, we have broadband (a dongle don’t you know – that was a new word for me, let me tell you) and I have managed to resurrect the laptop from one of the boxes, so I am back in business.

I love my house. I keep walking around admiring my choice of tiles (classy, if I say so myself), congratulating myself on the red curtains in our bedroom (nice and bright), and shuddering at the memory of the light fittings in our old place as I gaze fondly on the ones here. We have managed to get an awful lot done, given that we are only in a couple of days – the nesting instinct is strong at the moment and as a result, boxes are being opened double-quick by the poor husband. I have insisted that the place won’t feel like home (and consequently, I won’t be fit to live with) unless everything from spare bed-linen to our fancy wine decanter (used about 3 times since our wedding, and not exactly an obvious priority for a heavily pregnant woman ) are located and placed somewhere appropriate. So it’s all taking shape, and this baby will arrive to a home rather than a house with boxes, which is a lovely feeling.

The only person who is slightly underwhelmed by the move is, unsurprisingly, the toddler. She was perfectly happy in our old place, and absolutely loved her stint in Granny and Granddad’s, so this further change is just not cutting it in her mind. Whenever things don’t go exactly her way, (fairly regularly given that she is almost 2), she pipes up with “I wan’ go home”…. And when we explain that this is home, she announces that she wants the “other home”, getting muddled and upset as she tries to articulate what she means. I know she will settle, and in fairness, bar these requests and a tendency to wake slightly earlier (now just the wrong side of 6am, when we had a 6:30am thing going…. grrrrr), she has been fine, but I do feel sorry for her – especially there is another big change in store for her soon. And let’s face it, the arrival of a new sibling will take even more getting used to!

Overall, and in spite of toddler dissatisfaction, the glow of pride and the sense of relief at having somewhere to settle have helped dim the memory of the misery of moving somewhat. But not fully. It’ll be a long time before I can talk rationally about Tilers, no matter how much I love my tiles. If there are any pregnant women out there thinking of making a big move – especially if it will fall towards the end of your pregnancy, my advice would be “Stay put!!”.

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