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St. Patrick’s Day Events

Ireland’s biggest day in it’s cultural calendar it undoubtedly St Patrick’s Day on 17th March. With a host of events throughout Ireland in celebration of the nation’s patron saint, it is a very exciting and enjoyable time of year for all of the family .

There is something happening for St Patrick’s day in just about every town in Ireland, we have listed below a selection of the better events and the ones most likely to be fun for the whole family.


Nappy Rash Prevention Tips

What does nappy rash look like? 

Nappy rash is present when your baby’s skin looks red and sore, and may be chapped or swollen in places.  Nappy rash can make your baby feel uncomfortable.  It can be prevented and treated quite easily with types of powder and ointment.

Why does nappy rash occur?

When your baby wets a nappy, bacteria react with the urine on the nappy to form ammonia.  If the nappy isn’t changed quickly, the ammonia can “burn” your baby’s delicate skin.  If a nappy is wet and soiled at the same time, this causes a different chemical reaction which can irritate and damage the skin even more.  Nappy rash can affect all the delicate skin around your baby’s bottom and inner thighs, and may be particularly bad in skin folds and creases. 


Obesity Leads to ‘Alarmingly’ High Risks in Pregnancy

In today’s Irish Times, it was reported that women who are significantly overweight while pregnant suffer an “alarmingly” high rate of medical complications, new Irish research has found.


Double as Many Pregnant Women as Previously Thought Develop Diabetes

More than twice as many women as previously thought develop diabetes during pregnancy, a new study suggests.

Researchers warned that doctors should be vigilant to monitor for the condition, which is linked to an increased risk of going into labour prematurely and other complications.


Technology Could Soon Identify Why Babies Cry

According to the Irish Independent, babies change their cry to signify if they are hungry, sad or even in pain, and technology could soon identify which, scientists believe.

Identifying the changes could lead to the development of baby monitors capable of diagnosing an infant’s complaint, they claim.


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