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Eumom’s Mothers’ Panel is a new way for moms to provide assistance to other mothers in the online community. By offering your thoughts, personal experiences and stories, you will be helping other moms in similar circumstances.

The panel will also give Eumom the opportunity to represent mothers’ views accurately to brands, the media, community leaders, local politicians, schools and other women.

The main purpose of our surveys will be to understand what you think about everything from breastfeeding and child allowance to work/ life balance subjects. No matter how often or little you use we’d love you to join our panel.

We will send you a survey about once a month and every time you respond we’ll enter you in a monthly draw for a €100 cash prize.

To join, email us at today.


Comments on: "Join Eumom’s Mothers’ Panel Today" (1)

  1. hi my baby is 6 months old and has being eating solids for 7 wks i tryed starting her of on baby rice but she didnt like it so i gave her jars which she liked. my problem is i keep cooking her different food but she wont eat anyting i give her will only eat the jars i dont no what to do i dont want her to just eat the jars i want her to eat fresh food that i cook her did any one else go through this?

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