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To slap or not to slap!

This argument raises its head again as a new study claims, we are undecided in Ireland as a nation.

Most couples will argue about this at some point on and off, during their parenting years. Especially as baby starts to get older and discipline comes into play.

A lot of couples find that they have very different approaches to discipline and a lot of this stems from the way each of us were disciplined at home growing up. Some parents will revert to their parents way, others are determined to try not to and seek out other methods of disciplining their children.

Over the years with the availability and power of media parents have much more information available to them than previous generations had.  No one ever really commented on this topic people just got on with it. Dealing with Grandparents and other relations opinions can also prove to be very stressful, as most people have an opinion one way or another.

The emergence of such programmes as Supernanny and 21st Century child has opened up a whole new direction in parenting. While it appears that Supernanny has all the techniques and answers but in practice does it work?

However some parents still slap their children and stand over their reasons for doing so.

One thing is for sure discipline is one of the more difficult parts of parenting and in my experience with an 11 year old 8 year old and 2 year old it does not get any easier as they get older!

It is and I believe it always will be a very sensitive topic.

Last week the following statistics were printed about the subject.

Two recent studies, carried out on behalf of the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, reveal that as a nation we are undecided about whether physical discipline is necessarily a bad thing. According to the reports, Parenting Styles and Discipline: Parents’ and Children’s Perspectives, while most parents use non-aggressive ‘inductive’ methods to discipline their child most of the time (talking to them in a calm manner, for example), 67pc also believe there is nothing wrong with giving a child an occasional smack.

Currently, it is not illegal to smack your child in Ireland, a fact just one third of participants in the study were aware of. Some 42pc felt it should be made illegal while 34pc felt it should remain legal. A further 24pc felt that whether it was made illegal or not should depend on the age of the child. And of the 1,353 parents who were interviewed for the parents’ section of the two studies, 25pc of them admitted to having smacked their children over the past 12 months.

25pc of parents say they have smacked in the past 12 months. their child

Most of these said smacked a child they on the bottom, hand or leg

67pc believe there is no harm in giving occasional smack a child an

42pc of parents feel smacking should be banned

48pc of parents have shouted, yelled or child in the past year swore at a

3pc said they shook, grabbed or pushed the past year, either a child in (1.3pc) often (1.4pc) or occasionally

One third of parents reported being hit with a slipper or a similar  instrument during childhoods, while their own almost a quarter smacked or slapped had been on the face, head or ears

64.6pc of parents believe smacking necessary to bring is not up a well-behaved child

Almost 60pc believe parents should have to smack their children the right if they so wish

51.7pc of parents thought smacking reason for stopping was a good a child from doing dangerous something

58pc of parents did not believe smacking effective in achieving was long-term discipline goals.

Results taken from an original article in Mothers and Babies


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