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Taking a trip on the Dart in Dublin with the kids.

If you are looking for something to do this summer with the children, taking a trip to Dublin may be on your list.

Why not try this great trip along the Dart Line, you would never manage all of this in one day, but either pick a few which interest you or spread it over a day or two.

For the price of a family ticket for Dublin Bus and Dart it should be easy enough to move around. (more…)

Water Babies

The idea of trying to instil water confidence and swimming skills in children from an early age is becoming increasingly popular. According to the Irish Times, a recent change in the advice offered by US paediatricians on when children should start swimming lessons is likely to bolster the trend worldwide.


Sleepover Survival Guide


1 Make sure your child is ready

As the parent, you are the best person to judge. It is probably too early if a child is clingy, has bedwetting issues or is very dependent on bedtime routines. Make it clear that the child can ask to come home at any time and nobody will mind.


Children who watch television ‘more likely to be bullied’

Toddlers who are allowed to watch more than two hours of television a day become less clever and fatter than other children, a study has found.

Research conducted over eight years discovered a direct correlation between the amount of television a child watches at a young age and their academic development.


Things to do this May Bank Holiday Weekend

Here is some useful information on things to do around Ireland this bank holiday weekend. Do you want to add an event near you? If so leave a comment and as long as it’s not an ad we’ll be happy to post it! Have fun!! (more…)

Huge Holiday Savings – 30% Discount!

We at Eumom felt the need to inform you of these great savings to be had on your family holiday this year.

Siblu are offering great value family holidays. Siblu holiday parcs are among the best in France, and they work with a range of hand-picked siblu selection parcs in France, Italy or Spain.


What makes a good Toddler Group?

It needs to be welcoming, new parents and minders should be warmly greeted and offered a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Try to introduce people to others, helps with networking and keep an eye that new people are not feeling isolated and sitting on their own.
  • Good Biscuits – ‘People say we have the best biscuits and I’m sure it makes a difference’ says Linda, one of the Mums at this Toddler group.


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