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Water Babies

The idea of trying to instil water confidence and swimming skills in children from an early age is becoming increasingly popular. According to the Irish Times, a recent change in the advice offered by US paediatricians on when children should start swimming lessons is likely to bolster the trend worldwide.


Summer Safety Tips for Irish Parents

The following press release on Summer Safety Tips for Irish Parents was released yesterday by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and is full of useful information and tips.

Summer has arrived and for all its pleasant pastimes like beach, lake and river visits, barbeques, cycling, and outdoor activities, a hospital near you is seeing the usual seasonal spike in children’s attendance in their A&E department. If you add up the pain of broken bones, the angst of a childhood summer spent in a cast, time taken off work, not to mention medical bills, you’ve got a costly impact on families.


Sleepover Survival Guide


1 Make sure your child is ready

As the parent, you are the best person to judge. It is probably too early if a child is clingy, has bedwetting issues or is very dependent on bedtime routines. Make it clear that the child can ask to come home at any time and nobody will mind.


The drive of your life

Your children may be the most precious cargo you’ll ever have in your car, but recent studies and polls indicate that a substantial proportion of parents don’t come up to scratch when it comes to ensuring that their kids are travelling as safely as possible.


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