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Sleepover Survival Guide


1 Make sure your child is ready

As the parent, you are the best person to judge. It is probably too early if a child is clingy, has bedwetting issues or is very dependent on bedtime routines. Make it clear that the child can ask to come home at any time and nobody will mind.


The A-Z of Christmas for children contd.

Here are activities N – Z… Enjoy!

N is for Not for the faint hearted. Funderland has even more heart-stopping rides. The funfair is back at Dublin’s RDS for its 34th year, running from St Stephen’s Day until January 10 and this year boasts Shockwave — the fourth largest travelling rollercoaster in the world.


The A-Z of Christmas for children

The Independent released an article containing an A – Z list of activities for children at Christmas.

Here are activities A – M the rest are to follow…

A is for an Animal adventure. Learn more about the animals that hide or fly away during the Christmas months at Dublin Zoo’s winter workshop on January 4 and 5. (more…)

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