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40/40 – It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

And sadly, this particular fat lady can’t seem to find her voice. I had hoped to report on the arrival of a child over the festive season, and in typical me fashion, even without an actual birth, I was writing the post in my head – remarking on the fact that it was a lovely early/late Christmas present, that I had known all along I’d go early (HA!) and so on. Unfortunately, as time has ticked on, all those lovely thoughts have been consigned to the scrapheap, and it’s a case of playing the waiting game. (more…)

The Top 7 Christmas Pregnancy Survival Tips

For Early Pregnancy or if you’re still experiencing nausea or morning sickness… Christmas dinner may turn your stomach! Stick to small portions – and some fresh air will help – don’t stay indoors around all the cooking smells. Similarly in Later Pregnancy, where heartburn may be a problem, avoid big meals, rich, fatty foods, spicy dishes, chocolate and citrus fruit. Try to avoid smokers (assuming you’re not smoking yourself; and if you are – stop!). (more…)

The A-Z of Christmas for children contd.

Here are activities N – Z… Enjoy!

N is for Not for the faint hearted. Funderland has even more heart-stopping rides. The funfair is back at Dublin’s RDS for its 34th year, running from St Stephen’s Day until January 10 and this year boasts Shockwave — the fourth largest travelling rollercoaster in the world.


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