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Happiness is… a little boy reunited with his cuddly toy

**Warning – warm fuzzy feelings ahead!**

If you are a parent you will surely understand the agony of 5 yr old little Adam who left behind his favourite cuddly toy (called Lamby Noodles) in a Dublin airport shuttle back in May 2009. The family were just back from their holidays and were devastated when they realised Lamby was gone.  

Lamby Noodles

Lamby Noodles

Little Adam was heartbroken. His parents decided to launch an online search party. They posted on Eumom, created a group on Facebook with pictures of Lamby Noodles. For weeks, we chatted on Eumom,  twittered, suggested replacement toys/lambs, without much success…

Then 2 days ago: a glimmer of hope!
Another Eumomer remembered her son having a similar cuddly Lamb, and looked in her attic to see if she could locate it. After comparing photos, Adam’s mom confirmed that a replacement for Lamby had been found!

The Eumom community eagerly awaited news and photos of the reunion, and here is the post Adam’s mom made on the site to update us all, after a 5 hour drive to pick up the toy: (note DP means dear partner, DS dear son etc)

We drove a 5hr return trip yesterday to pick up Mr Noodles, (the things you do for your kids eh??!!) and it was so worth it, theres a bit of a story first, you see, Lamby was a big part of our family, DP was the storyteller each night and the bedtime story was always centered around the mischievous Lamb! DP would put on a high pitched voice when talking as ‘Lamby’! so on the way home last night, dp rang the landline and left a voicemail as Lamby saying ”Its ME! Lamby Noodles!!! I’m coming home!!!! I missed you SOOOOOO much, open the door!! QUICK QUICK!!! so after we collected ds from our neighbours house, we got him settled, put the lamb on the welcome mat outside the door and called him to the hall to play the msg, I never saw the child move so fast in all his 5yrs! he swung the door open and was yelling LAMBY LAMBY your home!!!!, picked him up and hasn’t left him out of his arms since!, We looked in last night before going to bed and he still had his arms around him, God it was so worth driving up to collect him after seeing his face and reaction. After a few mins of cuddles on the couch he turned to me and said, Mom, I think its a different Lamb! My heart sank, you see, his Lamb was weather beaten, no matter how many times he was washed, he looked matted and scruffy, Lamby’s body double was almost new n fluffy, so I told him he went to the hairdressers to get his fur fixed before he came home, and today I showed him pics of when he was a baby with Lamby when he was new and fluffy and he whispered to me, thanks Mom, I knew it was him all along.

Adam finally reunited with Lamby

Adam finally reunited with Lamby

So it was a success, after many hours online posting here, on various boards, facebook, people posting it on twitter for me, Gumtree, I even contacted Ray D’arcy by email (who ignored me by the way!) I eventually found him through Eumom, just goes to show what a nice bunch of people are on here and what a great website this is, it has restored my faith in humanity so thanks to all!! but of course, a very special thanks to Biyee and her litte ds who was willing to give up his lamb to make another little boy happy!”

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