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Parents wrongly advised on weaning – survey

According to the Irish Times, parents in Ireland may be getting inappropriate advice from some health professionals about weaning their babies on to solid food, new research has found.

Official guidelines here currently recommend that breastfed babies should be introduced to solid foods at six months of age, while the age is four months for formula-fed infants.


Why pregnant film fans should stick to happy movies

Pregnant women planning a night at the cinema might want to steer clear of tear-jerkers.

Scientists have discovered that unborn babies respond to their mother’s mood while she is watching a movie – and become quiet and still if the film is sad.


The drive of your life

Your children may be the most precious cargo you’ll ever have in your car, but recent studies and polls indicate that a substantial proportion of parents don’t come up to scratch when it comes to ensuring that their kids are travelling as safely as possible.


Children who watch television ‘more likely to be bullied’

Toddlers who are allowed to watch more than two hours of television a day become less clever and fatter than other children, a study has found.

Research conducted over eight years discovered a direct correlation between the amount of television a child watches at a young age and their academic development.


Licking mum’s baking spoon linked to cases of salmonella

Three children have contracted a severe form of salmonella after licking the spoon used in baking or cooking with duck eggs, disease watchdogs revealed yesterday.

They are among seven people who have been diagnosed with one of the more severe strains of the bug in an outbreak linked to contaminated duck eggs.


Battling sickness is child’s play . . .

 Babies will always be susceptible to coughs and colds, but there’s no need to go rushing to the doctor or the medical cabinet at the first hint of a tickly throat

IF PARENTS knew in advance how many illnesses their kids were going to pick up there’s a fair chance that they’d flee the scene before starting a family. After a harsh winter when the doctor’s surgery has become a second home for many families, it’s reasonable to ask: how often are kids supposed to get sick?


Multi-vitamin during pregnancy ‘cuts chances of having an underweight baby’

According to an article in the, taking a multivitamin during pregnancy can dramatically cut the chances of having an underweight baby, according to a new study. (more…)

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