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Does your child have a naughty name?


An article on the BBC News website last week made me chuckle. Apparently, teachers think they can spot naughty pupils in their class by their name!

An online survey of 3,000 teachers found that 49% of UK teachers made assumptions about a child when they first looked down the register of names and more than one in three expected pupils with certain names to be more disruptive. Talk about guilty until proven innocent!

So, what are the naughtiest names I hear you cry? Well, here goes:-

Callum, Connor, Jack, Daniel, Brandon, Charlie, Chelsea, Chardonnay, Aleisha, Casey, Crystal

And what do teachers consider to be the names which identify the brightest children in class:

Alexander, Adam, Christopher, Benjamin, Edward, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Emma, Hannah, Rebecca

Interestingly, the names of the most popular children in the class include Jack, Daniel, Charlie, Callum, Emma, Charlotte, Hannah and Anna. So it would seem that you can be naughty, or nice, and still be popular!

Food for thought for any of you out there who are expecting a baby at the moment and choosing names. For the rest of us, it is too late. Our off-spring’s destinies have already been decided!

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