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Swap Shops

Hands up anyone who has recently swapped their supermarket? Good, hands down.

Hands up anyone who is now over the honeymoon period of the ‘no frills’ shopping and is secretly popping back to their old haunts? Hmmm, thought so. Me too.

Image courtesy of Rock Cake (Copyrighted)

Image courtesy of Rock Cake (Copyrighted)

You see, although the discount supermarkets (we’re talking Lidl and Aldi here) are clearly cheaper, they are just not family friendly. Despite the fact that the small pancakes are the first thing you come to (guaranteed to keep the small people quiet until the tinned goods aisle), it will still be a mad trolley dash to finish the shop before everyone has a melt-down (yourself included).

There are no toilets, no café, no real treats to make it all worthwhile and I am reduced to a quivering wreck every time I get to the checkout because they go so damned fast, I just cannot keep up. Last week, my three-and-a-half year old actually disappeared for a few minutes under a mountain of groceries which I was flinging madly into the trolley to try and stop it all falling off the miniscule packing area provided.

Admittedly, by discount shopping, I am saving a few euros. The problem is that I end up spending any savings on power drills, gazebos, fishing rods and any number of other things I don’t need, but end up buying because they’re on special, special offer.

Financially, ‘no frills’ shopping may be better for you. But be warned. If you are in any way prone to fainting, or are of a slightly nervous disposition, approach with caution.

That said, I’m off to buy a log splitter. I hear they are flying off the shelves.

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