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Lying children will grow up to be successful citizens

The earlier a child starts telling convincing lies the more likely they are to be a success in later life, new research suggests.

Researchers have found that the ability to tell fibs at the age of two is a sign of a fast developing brain and means they are more likely to have successful lives.

They found that the more plausible the lie, the more quick witted they will be in later years and the better their abiliy to think on their feet.


Scientific Breakthrough Helps Avoid Birth Defects

Pioneering Research in the UK should be able in the future, to help families at risk from mitochondrial diseases to have healthy children. This article was in the Irish independent last Thursday 15th April 2010.

Most people know that we have DNA inside our bodies that provide a blueprint for making… well, us.  But strangely we actually have another special kind of DNA inside us called Mitochondrial DNA – it’s actually a kind of a parasite – but like the good bacteria in your gut.


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