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How to save €200 on your Health Insurance

A quick tip which can save minimum of €200 on your health insurance:

Most insurers will allow a newborn for free for the first year but if you get the timing right on this you can save on your infants health insurance costs til they are nearly 2 years old! 

If you switch insurers when the baby is almost 12 months old, the new insurer will add the baby to the policy for free for the first year of the policy. Once the child is less than 1 year old when you take out the policy, there’s no charge for year 1! You will only start paying for baby when the policy renews the following year.  I have done this for quite a few clients recently switching to Hibernian Aviva – it definitely works!

Money MarkMoney Mark can be contacted directly on if you have any questions about the above post or any other personal finance issues. Mark Hopkins is a Qualified Financial Adviser and his company Mortgage Pension Investment Services ( is regulated by the Financial Regulator.

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