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Twittering Mums

twitterbutton-0103I’m sure most people are now aware of social networking site Twitter. If you’re not, the basic premise of the site is the prompt ‘What are you doing?’. Responses to this prompt, or Tweets to give them their technical term, are restricted to 140 characters.

I signed up to the site a few months ago and within a short space of time have attracted (if that’s the right word!) a total of 206 people to ‘follow’ me (this means that they can read my tweets). I am mostly connected to other mums and dads (but have also had strange requests to follow me from Peppa Pig live and Butlins)?!

It is interesting that many parents, mothers in particular, seem to have latched onto this form of social networking with a particular enthusiasm. Perhaps it is the sheer immediacy and brevity of the site which appeals to busy mums. No need for lengthy emails, the 140 character limit means you have to keep it short! It appears to be the prefect social ‘fix’ for busy mums, and gives them the ability to interact with like-minded individuals in between changing nappies and cooking meals.

I am constantly amazed at the things people are prepared to tweet about. It would seem that when you are an anonymous typeface at the end of a PC, people are prepared to share their deepest, darkest secrets. Many individuals now seem to be starting their day with a good morning tweet, clearly switching on their laptop whilst still snuggled under the duvet. They continue to tweet through the day and well into the night, and although it doesn’t take very long to type 140 characters, I often wonder where the child or children are that they are busily tweeting about.

There are tweets telling us how much or how little the child ate for their dinner. Tweets telling us that the washing is now on the line. Tweets telling us that someone has just fallen off their chair and has a big bump on their head. I am actually starting to wonder the order in which things happen in some households – attend to the crying child, or send a quick tweet about it first?!

Interestingly, this week there have been two ‘Twitter’ babies born, in the sense that the mums-to-be have been keeping us all up to date with their due dates, visits to midwifes, false alarms and contractions starting, only to announce the arrival of their new baby in a Tweet. I have visions of the mothers being handed their laptop or iPhone first, and the baby second!

What are your thoughts? Are you a ‘tweeting’ mum (or dad)? If so, why and do you think people are giving us too much information?

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