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What makes a good Toddler Group?

It needs to be welcoming, new parents and minders should be warmly greeted and offered a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Try to introduce people to others, helps with networking and keep an eye that new people are not feeling isolated and sitting on their own.
  • Good Biscuits – ‘People say we have the best biscuits and I’m sure it makes a difference’ says Linda, one of the Mums at this Toddler group.


What is a Toddler Group and where to find one?

Toddler Groups or Parent and toddler groups can be a great way of meeting other parents with children the same age as yours in your area. While these were traditionally aimed at mothers, they are now aimed at either parent as well as minders, grandparents and other guardians. They provide a much needed break for both parent and child from the day to day norm.


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