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Multi-tasking Mums

Researchers have found that the average mum has to remember 25 different tasks every single day, with the majority admitting they do most of them in autopilot.

And making sure the children have everything they need for school, feeding the household pets and even remembering their youngster’s favourite cuddly toy are also included in the daily to-do list.

But nine out of ten busy mums admit they are often so snowed under, they usually forget to do something, with more than one in ten admitting this happens several times a day.

Another 30 per cent say something slips their mind once every day.

The poll of 3,000 mums found that dinner is most likely to be forgotten with almost 48 per cent of mums saying they often forget to take something out of the freezer to defrost.

Another 29 per cent forget to remember all of the ingredients they need to make the evening meal and end up having to make another trip to the shops or order in a takeaway.

Birthdays of friends and relatives, taking library books back and paying the bills are other common tasks which get forgotten.

And while 35 per cent blame their forgetfulness on simply being too busy, another 23 per cent say they are always in too much of a rush to remember everything.

Almost one in ten say they are often too tired to keep track of all the things they need to do.

But 18 per cent admit they always feel guilty when they forget something.

And more than one in five mums have even gotten into trouble with their child’s teacher or school because they have forgotten to do something.

Researchers also discovered that almost two thirds of mothers feel under pressure from their family or other mums to remember everything in their daily routine.

And 48 per cent rely on lists to remember everything they need to do, while another 33 per cent put everything on the kitchen calendar.

Sixteen per cent even leave post-it notes around the house.

Top 25 things mums have to remember
1. Birthdays of friends and family members
2. Taking ingredients out of the freezer to defrost for the evening meal
3. Paying the bills
4. Doctor or dentist appointments
5. Getting the ingredients from the shop for the evening meal
6. Having clean shirts and trousers for kiddies
7. Packed lunches are made
8. Being on time for the school run
9. Feed the pets
10. If it is raining making sure they have a rain coat
11. Getting the kids to do their homework
12. Never leave the house without wet wipes, tissues and snacks in handbag
13. A drink is taken to school
14. Homework is taken to school
15. PE kits are taken to school on the right day
16. Getting the kids to do their reading
17. Packed lunches are taken to school
18. Permission slips for school clubs/day trips
19. School events such as fetes, shows etc
20. Taking library books back to the library/school library
21. Birthday parties for your children’s friends
22. Make sure they’ve taken their medications (hayfever etc)
23. The right books/textbooks are taken into school
24. Money for children’s school lunch
25. Making sure the child has their favourite comfort/cuddly toy

Top ten things mums are most likely to forget1. Taking ingredients out of the freezer to defrost for the evening meal
2. Birthdays of friends and family members
3. Getting the ingredients from the shop for the evening meal
4. Taking library books back to the library/school library
5. Paying the bills
6. Doctor or dentist appointments
7. Never leave the house without wet wipes, tissues and snacks in handbag
8. PE kits are taken to school on the right day
9. Permission slips for school clubs/day trips
10. Having clean shirts and trousers for kiddies

Source: One Poll

Sun Safety Tips

It is important to protect your child from the day they are born from this UV radiation as skin cancer takes some time to develop – up to 20 to 30 years and in Ireland; we typically have fair, light coloured skin that freckles or burns easily and we can be more at risk than other nationalities.

Here are some tips on how to keep your child safe in the sun.


Water Babies

The idea of trying to instil water confidence and swimming skills in children from an early age is becoming increasingly popular. According to the Irish Times, a recent change in the advice offered by US paediatricians on when children should start swimming lessons is likely to bolster the trend worldwide.


Mediterranean diet ‘cuts risk of asthma’

Children who eat a Mediterranean diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish have a lower risk of asthma and wheezing, experts have said.

But eating three or more burgers a week can increase the risk, although this may be linked to other unhealthy habits, they said.

Researchers from Germany, Spain and London examined data from 50,000 children aged eight to 12, collected between 1995 and 2005.


Allaying Allergies

If you suspect that your child has an allergy that is affecting their quality of life, you should seek out medical advice to get to the root of the matter.

RED, itchy eyes; blocked nose; sneezing; coughing; hives … sound familiar? These are the classic, telltale signs of an allergic reaction. It’s believed that a quarter of Irish children have some type of allergy, which can manifest in diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, dermatitis, eczema and hayfever.


The drive of your life

Your children may be the most precious cargo you’ll ever have in your car, but recent studies and polls indicate that a substantial proportion of parents don’t come up to scratch when it comes to ensuring that their kids are travelling as safely as possible.


Diary of a Mum of Two – Heaven and Hell

I was thinking about heaven and hell recently. Not in the religious sense, more in terms of my own personal hell, or vision of heaven. You see – the infant spends a lot of time awake in the small hours, and indulging in these deep thoughts as I jiggled and rocked him one evening was a good way to pass the time. (I can also list all 50 US States alphabetically, name every country I have been to in the order I visited, and am close to working out how many times I have been on a plane… the things you do to keep sane at 3am …)

So, I decided, Catyn’s Heaven should be some glorious desert island, taken from the old Bounty ad, complete with some good novels, nice cocktails etc. But I’d miss the kids and the husband, so they’d have to make regular appearances, and be available (and well-behaved) for selected outings. I’d need to be able to do some shoe and bag shopping, so a few department stores, and perhaps all of Kildare Village, would be a short hop away. Not a desert island then, but a cross between Acapulco and Oxford Street. Also, I am very fond of knee length boots, but am not sure if they would work with a bikini (even with my heavenly bikini body and perfect tan) so there would need to be some cool crisp weather, and while we’re at it, some roaring fires and a Christmas party or two. In actual fact, when I got going, my Heaven was almost impossible to pin down.

Hell was easier. Bouncing on a gym-ball trying unsuccessfully to wind a screaming baby seemed like a good place to start. But, I thought, a true Hell would need to be so much more. I remembered reading about Dante’s Inferno and his 9 circles of hell, and that gave me more to work with. An eternity of burping (or rather, not burping) an infant in the small hours, having only had 90 minutes of unbroken sleep in many weeks, definitely qualified for one of my circles, but there should be another 8. Endless toddler tantrums made the grade, as did certain aspects of childbirth. I included some form of queuing, maybe for some bureaucratic reason – and to complete that circle I added tired and hungry children with me as I queued. Making a mess of parallel parking while a whole pile of people look on and laugh (a recent painful experience) was a circle of hell for me. Some of my eternity would be spent on a runway, or in an airport holding pen. That left me with 3. There were still lots of options, but the 3 that made the grade were; a never decreasing pile of ironing – really fiddly ironing, getting stuck on the M50 with 2 screaming kids, and the finale…. ah yes, trying to find car keys which have been hidden by a toddler whose memory only stretches to her last wee in the potty.

So, there they were, my 9 circles of hell. Shortly afterwards, the infant gave a huge burp, and immediately fell asleep in my arms. I got back to bed and discovered that an eternity of winding had actually only been 30 minutes. I climbed in beside my nice warm husband, and as I drifted off to sleep, realised that every one of my circles were just frustrations (except possibly the parallel parking, endless attempts at that would really, really be hell). With two beautiful children, a lovely home, and a warm husband to hold onto at night, it may not always be Heaven, but it’s a far cry from Hell.

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