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The Ultimate Pancake Recipe

It’s Pancake Tuesday and who can resist delicious light fluffy pancakes. To help you, here is our easy to make, easy to cook guide to the perfect pancakes.


Moms Voted on Their Ideal Valentine’s Day

To bring you the most popular female opinions towards this love-fest, eumom asked a group of its online members, consisting of over 43,000 Irish women, what would their ideal Valentine’s Day consists of.

This survey, conducted over a 2 week period, shows that if women are to have their ideal Valentine’s Day then spending is expected to remain high this year.


A Perfect Pregnancy After Years of Trying

The article below, released by the Irish Times yesterday, tells of a couple’s journey through the trying to conceive process. 

It was hard to believe the IUI had worked first time. It is supposed to be simple, starting a family. For 25 months we did our utmost to conceive. Over and over hoping for the best, which never materialised.

Lifestyle adjustments, supplements, research, matching his’n’her embarrassing tests, daily monitoring, surgery, and not to mention no small amount of sex, had all come to nothing.

Trying to conceive was influencing every decision we made on a daily basis. We were feeling the effects of cyclical failures, with no explanation, and we were tired.

Finally, last March, after two years of invasive tests and procedures, trying and failing, we received the go-ahead for intrauterine insemination (IUI). It’s a huge weight off your shoulders when a doctor tells you they will step in and actively try to help.


New Rights For Fathers Announced in UK

New rights for fathers to take up to six months’ paternity leave has been announced by the British government. 

The scheme will come into force in April 2011. It gives new dad’s three months paid leave and the time off can be taken during the second half of a baby’s first year, if the mother returns to work.


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