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Teddy Bear Hospital in its 5th Year!

NUI Galway will be hosting the 5th Annual Teddy Bear Hospital from 28th – 29th of January 2010. Approximately 1,000 primary school children between the ages of three and eight will be accompanying their teddy bears while they are being admitted.


Winter Baby Checklist

As the cold winds blow, with ice and snow all around, it’s time to stock up on the essentials that will help baby—and you—weather the cold days ahead. Here’s a quick overview of some of the common items you’ll find most useful. (more…)

Money Resolutions for the New Year

“New Years resolutions go in one year and out the other”

I don’t know who said that but it’s pretty accurate – especially when it comes to money!  We tend to make grand statements like “this year I’m going to spend less” or “I’m going to run a tighter ship this year” but most people end up back where they started come the end of the year.

Here’s some of our Top Tips for managing your money for 2010: (more…)

40/40 – It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

And sadly, this particular fat lady can’t seem to find her voice. I had hoped to report on the arrival of a child over the festive season, and in typical me fashion, even without an actual birth, I was writing the post in my head – remarking on the fact that it was a lovely early/late Christmas present, that I had known all along I’d go early (HA!) and so on. Unfortunately, as time has ticked on, all those lovely thoughts have been consigned to the scrapheap, and it’s a case of playing the waiting game. (more…)

Healthy Eating Tips for Parents

Healthy Eating Tips for Parents for the New Year from the Nutrition and Health Foundation include:

1. Be a good food role model. Telling children to eat nutritious foods is one thing — showing them is better. Your children look to you as a role model. If you offer a wide variety of nutritious foods regularly — and if they see you eating them — your children will learn to like them and be more inclined to experiment with new foods.


Happy New Year from Eumom

Happy new year to one and all.

We hope this year is everything you wished for and more.

Best wishes from the Eumom Team

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