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Babies Born on the Run

Planning is very important when you’re having a baby. You have to think of everything from the birthing plan, to having the hospital on standby and being able to get there on time.

But what happens if those best-laid plans fall apart and you’re forced to have an emergency birth in the middle of nowhere?

Do stranded mums-to-be instinctively know what to do?


Boy or Girl? You Decide

According to the Irish Independent, Irish couples are turning to a clinic in America to have the girl or boy that they’ve always dreamed of.

For Irish women desperate to bear sons, the scientific evidence is clear: eat lots of bananas, have sex standing up, and try to consume a bowl of cereal every morning.


Join Eumom’s Mothers’ Panel Today

Eumom’s Mothers’ Panel is a new way for moms to provide assistance to other mothers in the online community. By offering your thoughts, personal experiences and stories, you will be helping other moms in similar circumstances.

The panel will also give Eumom the opportunity to represent mothers’ views accurately to brands, the media, community leaders, local politicians, schools and other women.


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