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Friday Night One Pot Recipe

We at Eumom think this is a great quick and easy recipe for those who are looking for something to cook on a Friday night when all you really want to do is to start relaxing.


Things to do this May Bank Holiday Weekend

Here is some useful information on things to do around Ireland this bank holiday weekend. Do you want to add an event near you? If so leave a comment and as long as it’s not an ad we’ll be happy to post it! Have fun!! (more…)

Licking mum’s baking spoon linked to cases of salmonella

Three children have contracted a severe form of salmonella after licking the spoon used in baking or cooking with duck eggs, disease watchdogs revealed yesterday.

They are among seven people who have been diagnosed with one of the more severe strains of the bug in an outbreak linked to contaminated duck eggs.


Diary of a Mum of Two – Toddler No More…

The arrival of the infant has had a huge effect on all the Catyn Family. I’ve alternated between joy at having two healthy beautiful children, and a desire to lock myself in the shed until everyone is over 18, or in the case of the adults, willing to act that way. The husband is the same (although I am pretty sure he would want his own rather than a shared shed). The infant probably wishes he was back in the nice little swimming pool, where there was a lot less noise, and where he didn’t have to roar his head off to get a bit of grub. And finally – the person who has changed the most in the last 3 months – the toddler; I can hardly believe I am typing this about a two year old, but she has grown up, and is a toddler no more. (more…)

Battling sickness is child’s play . . .

 Babies will always be susceptible to coughs and colds, but there’s no need to go rushing to the doctor or the medical cabinet at the first hint of a tickly throat

IF PARENTS knew in advance how many illnesses their kids were going to pick up there’s a fair chance that they’d flee the scene before starting a family. After a harsh winter when the doctor’s surgery has become a second home for many families, it’s reasonable to ask: how often are kids supposed to get sick?


How to help your child cope with eczema

Eczema can be tough for a child to cope with, but the good news is that by their teens, almost 75pc of children grow out of the condition. (more…)

Multi-vitamin during pregnancy ‘cuts chances of having an underweight baby’

According to an article in the, taking a multivitamin during pregnancy can dramatically cut the chances of having an underweight baby, according to a new study. (more…)

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